I was on the front page within 48-hours…

Within 48-hours of the call where we went over PR strategies I obtained front page coverage in Hawaii’s #1 daily...read more

Hoala Greevy

On the fast track of business growth

After three-and-a-half years in business I’m now laser focused on my goals, restructuring my business, and most importantly — staying...read more

Scott Nattenberg

A natural skeptic proves how we get results

As a natural skeptic, I was impressed by your ability to get right to the core of the issues slowing...read more

Geoff Conrad

I’ve accomplished more in the last five months than I did in the last five years!

I just had to drop you a quick note to say thank you! I would be lost without your insight and accountability!! No book (and I read mountains), or seminar event (I’ve attended dozens) can ever come close to the motivation, clarity and focus I get out of the weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls.
Lisa Hyatt

You always overdeliver!

I take part in a lot of coaching teleclasses and the BIG difference with your coaching format is that it...read more

Judi Finneran

In just hours you were able to help me solve challenges I’ve been struggling with for years!

Frank is an attorney in his early fifties who has been struggling with growing his business past a set plateau...read more

Frank Lockwood

I’m sorry I didn’t start sooner!

“As an image consultant and small business owner, I had become overwhelmed with all the different ways that I could...read more


Deb Cole is a Top Leader in Marketing with Social Media

Simon Leung, (Senior AdWords Optimization Specialist for Google for 4+ years) gives his review of the Pushbutton Persuasion Course" on...read more

Simon Leung

I increased my bottom line nearly two-fold in the last three months!

Steve and Gail are a husband-and-wife team who came to us with a lot on their plate, to say the...read more

Gail 1

Number one in national sales in less than 60-days

“…Sometimes being successful in business can be just as dangerous as struggling because improvements seem tougher to make… But small...read more

Joe Lopez